Advanced SEO

Ready to take your business to the next level? Our advanced SEO packages will help increase your website's visibility and drive traffic to your website.

Our wide variety of SEO services allows you to choose the package that best fits you businesses needs. All of our packages include a detailed report so that you can exactly the efforts we've made on your behalf. These packages are not limited to websites designed by us, but can be purchased for any existing website.

To order, please use our Contact Form or call (810) 834-1758.


Website SEO Analysis

Our SEO experts will run a complete analysis of your website, pointing out weak areas and giving a comprehensive overview of your website's SEO profile. We will also include our expert recommendation for actions to take to improve your website's visibility, competitiveness, and traffic.

This analysis is included free in all of our monthly packages, once per month.

Price (per domain): $199.00


On-Page SEO Package

Our SEO team will perform Keyword Reseach on the chosen page(s), provide a complete report on the keyword results (along with our recommendation), and completely optimize the page for the keyword you choose, including page title, headeers, meta description and keyword tags, image ALT text, and more.  This may include re-writing the content of the page if you so choose, in order to completely optimize for this keyword. We will also provide sample anchor text for links to that page to be used for link-bulding campaigns.

Price (per page): $99.00


Link-Building Packages

Our team will build links to the page you designate, with the anchor text you choose. We do not engage in building spammy links, we take the time to try and build quality backlinks to you webpage. There are two kinds of link-building packages. 


Webmaster Link Package

Our staff will contact the webmasters of 100 genre or niche specific websites, using custom e-mails, to attempt to get these websites to link to your page, with emphasis on the highest Page Rank websites first. These are the highest quality backlinks. There is no guarantee that a particular webmaster will agree to link to your page, although we will give it our best effort. A comprehensive report of all websites contacted and those who accepted will be provided to you upon completion of the service. This service may be purched multiple times, and we will not repeat contacts unless you specifically request it.

Price (per URL to be linked to): $99.00


Forum Link Package

Our staff will submit 100 posts in forums and on comments pages of websites specific to your niche or genre. Each of these posts will contain one backlink in the signature of the post, using the anchor text you designate. All posts and comments will be relevant to the article or discussion taking place, so they will not be considered spam. These links will be of lower Page Rank than the links built in the Webmaster Link Package, however, you are guaranteed 100 links with this package. This package may be purchased multiple times.

Price (per URL to be linked to): $99.00


Monthly SEO Packages

Out most popular packages, our staff will put in a designated number of hours per month performing any and all SEO tasks for your site, from analysis and link building, to content optimization and even content writing. Our packages are also offered at a discounted rate if you commit to one year's worth of SEO service. You the client will recieve a detailed report each month of the exact SEO efforts made on your behalf, and your website's current rankings for your designated keywords.


5-hour Package

Recommended for small websites (10 pages or less), or already optimized websites that just need on-going link-building or monitoring, or the occasional piece of new content.

Price (per Month): $300.00

Price (per Month, with one year commitment): $250.00  (You save $600 a year.) 


10-hour Package

Recommended for up to medium-size websites (up to 30 pages), or for websites that need a significant amount of optimization, intensive link building, keyword research, or for sites ranking below page 2 of the search results.

Price (per Month): $550.00

Price (per Month, with one year commitment): $450.00 (You save $1,200 a year.)


20-hour Package

Recommended for large websites or medium-size e-commerce sites, or for small websites that have done no SEO work to date, or for websites that need a thorough analysis and overhaul or a large amount of content. This package is also recommended for any site not ranking above page 5 for any of their keywords. The hours provided may be split between 2 different websites, if desired.

Price (per Month): $1,000.00

Price (per Month, with one year commitment): $850.00 (You save $1,800 a year.)


40-hour Package

Recommended for large websites (over 500 pages) or large e-commerce sites, or for websites that want to get off of the ground very fast. This package is also recommended for any website with a large amount of keywords to reseach, or for any site not in the top 10 pages of search results for any of their keywords, or drawing less than 10 visitors a day. This package also includes the creation, analysis, and monitoring of PPC advertising campaigns (such as Google Adwords), in addition to normal SEO duties. The hours provided may be split among up to 3 different websites.

Price (per Month): $1,800.00

Price (per Month, with one year commitment): $1,600.00 (You save $2,400 a year.)


160-hour Package

It's like having an in-house SEO firm! We will designate one of our SEO specialists to do nothing but SEO on any of the websites you designate, for the entire month. Recommened for extremely large websites, or for any business that is in a highly competitive market or needs full-time service and support. This package also includes website redesign, webmaster services,  and the creation, analysis, and monitoring of PPC advertising campaigns (such as Google Adwords), in addition to normal SEO duties.

Price (per Month): $7,200.00

Price (per Month, with one year commitment): $6,000.00 (You save $14,400 a year.)

To order, please use our Contact Form or call (810) 834-1758.

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