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Basic SEO Content Writing Tips but an Effective Way to Improve Site Rank

The idea behind all effective SEO content writing tricks is to keep the audiences hooked. The content has to be of good quality and one needs to create unique content in order to attract the readers and keep them stay longer in the site. Unique content is both an attractive content and a non-copied content. Again, in order to create a quality content for audience, the concept of SEO in website content writing has to be clear. Though SEO experts have their own definition of quality article writing, some of the concepts to increase the ranking remain same.

What makes the content great?

There are 5 things which make the content great:

  1. Focusing Keyword

  2. Making content link worthy

  3. Giving the content a sound structure

  4. Constructing the content in unique and relevant way

  5. Developing appeal

Focusing Keyword – In SEO content writing, it is important to put the maximum emphasis on chosen keywords. While developing the content, keywords optimization should be done in such a way so that keywords are sprinkled without making it too obvious. The following tricks can be applied:

  1. Title tags should include the keywords. The maximum emphasis in article writing should be given to the variations of H1 and H2 tags i.e. the heading.

  2. For maximum effect, the bolded keywords should be placed at the top of the content.

  3. The body should have the keyword variations all over. It is better if the exact match can be used. There is nothing wrong if variations are put. One should also try and keep exact match close to the top of document.

  4. Website content writing is done for increasing site rank in search engines so use keywords in outbound links are very important. However, one must not to overdo it.

Making content link worthy – This is more about how targeted audiences can be guided to your link list. One can use the bookmark options in site. One can also try and break news as fast as possible so more reliability amongst the viewers can be developed about the site. Again, a well researched content also do wonders in article writing. Look into field of your industry which has not yet been researched. This will get the people stay interested.

Giving content a sound structure – Humor and controversy works wonder for a content marketing but a sound structure is essential too. This is necessary, so your message can pass easily and viewers can easily digest it. Putting images sometimes allows engaging the reader as they are able to understand the message. For content, proper spelling and grammar is essential too. A reader is not going to forgive you, even if it is a minor typo, as it would add question to your credibility.

Constructing the content in unique and relevant way – The most important warning for website content writing is that the content is not copied from anywhere. If you cater the correct news, then automatically your opinions are valued.

Finally appeal – It is the last but not the least of all strategies in SEO content writing. Appeal is an amalgamation of sound structuring of the content with headings and sub-headings as well as the writing relevant content with ability of an expert.

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About the Author
Jason Aldein works in a reputed SEO content writing company and he has authored a number of articles on website content writing.

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