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Important Joomla SEO Upgrade Required before 10-July

As the leading search engine optimization (SEO) tool for Joomla, sh404SEF® is continually pushing the envelope and innovating with new features.

Not surprisingly then, we watch the major search engines very closely to ensure that sh404SEF® delivers the very best improvements in Joomla SEO for your web site.

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Joomla CMS Version 3.0 is planned for release in September. In case you missed it, we decided to move the CMS releases to September and March (instead of January and July), hence the September release date. Version 3.1 will follow in March 2013, with version 3.5 in September 2013.

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Basic SEO Content Writing Tips but an Effective Way to Improve Site Rank

The idea behind all effective SEO content writing tricks is to keep the audiences hooked. The content has to be of good quality and one needs to create unique content in order to attract the readers and keep them stay longer in the site. Unique content is both an attractive content and a non-copied content. Again, in order to create a quality content for audience, the concept of SEO in website content writing has to be clear. Though SEO experts have their own definition of quality article writing, some of the concepts to increase the ranking remain same.

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SEO for Marketing

SEO or search engine optimization has become the nerve center for any online business or website. No wonder there is a huge demand for search engine optimizers or SE optimizers as they are called. Considering the fact that websites are a potent marketing tool, SEO for marketing is like a gospel truth these days. Imagine the number of websites and blogs that relate to a single keyword. Can you ensure yourself a good rank on the search engine just because your website looks attractive?

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Specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses, our Joomla-based Web Design Packages will get your business web presence off on the right foot.

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Increase your site's visibility and traffic with help from our SEO experts. From website analysis to keyword research, we can cover all of your SEO Needs.

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